write_out (write_out) wrote in nano_maine,

Hello everyone! I'm Andrea and this is my second year at Nano. Last year I tried to take a sliver of an idea and stretch it out into a novel. I made it to 50k- just barely- but the story went nowhere. This year I am trying to outline my story somewhat, just so I am not totally winging it. It's not going well so far, though.

My biggest roadblock is my inner critic and I am doing my best to shut her up.

I want to write something in the horror/suspense genre; a girl returns to the horrible small town where she grew up and somehow winds up back at the orphanage/group home she spent the first part of her life in. Why she is going home in the first place, I don't know. Why she goes back to the orphanage, I don't know. What happens when she does go back, I don't know. What is the point of this story? I don't know.

Anyways, last year my husband Brian and I made it to two write-ins at Panera, I think. This year I am aiming to be there every Sunday. I dont know if Brian will participate this year, but I hope to get to know you all better this time around.
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