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I'm here!

Ken isn't alone anymore! We are going to be comming here in droves! LOL

I suppose I should say this is Lori. LOL Isn't my avatar... telling? LOL

New member!

*swoops in and saves Ken* Greetings; I'm another Maine NaNoer by the name of Joana. This is my second year doing NaNoWriMo, and I'm proud to say that I finished with a little bit over 50k last year. What I'm not proud to say is I got about as far as re-writing/editing the first chapter of the novel before I abandoned it; it's still collecting dust on my pendrive -_- I promise to be a good girl and get to it.

This year's NaNovel is a sequel to last year's, still centered around the same character. It started out with the idea of centering around a writing contest, and murders of people participating in it. Appropriately, it's called "Write and Die". Judging from my outlining, though, it seems to be taking another direction.

Ah, well. 'Tis the life of a one-month novel.

Joana out.

Sept is half over... Aaaagh!

Well, yet again I'm sitting here talking to myself. But that's okay. Okay, I'm lying, but nothing to be done about it right now.

Nano is a month and 1/2 away and I'm starting to twitch. I have my character (protagonists) pretty much set up. The beginning of their adventure has been kind of plotted. I know how it ends! But I still feel lost.

My first nano I was so over prepared. Even though I found out about nano well into October I'd been sitting on this story for years and not doing anything with it. So I took all my notes, dove in and finished with flying colors. It's still sitting partially finished on my desktop, but I have been working on it in bits and pieces.

Year two I flew by the seat of my pants and wrote a sequel. Characters were all set up so it was just trying to figure out plot as I went. I finished, but did have troubles.

Last year I was handed a FMC and a great plot. I ran with it, spent the time to set up fairly decently and finish very easily.

This year I had a FMC, a MMC a setting and part of a plot. The problem was that I've never been to the event I want to set it at. I didn't make it to the event again this year and was bummed but figured I'd write it anyway. Suddenly it looks as though I'll be going to the event next summer. I decided to wait and do this story for nano '07. I scares me that I'm planning for '07 already, but feel better that I'll have more of a grasp on the setting. Even if I don't make it next summer, I'm going to write it next nano.

So I've decided to write the story of a RPG game I as part of a few years back. The GM has always wanted someone to write some of this in novel form, so I'm writing from the part of the came I played in. He'd been running stories in this genre/storyline/time line for over 20 years, so I have to go with what I know personally.

I will admit to messing with the characters a bit. One of the players won't come in until later as it feels too cliche for him to start at the beginning. If he did it would be 6 people who all end up pairing up, getting married and having babies. It doesn't feel right. So I changed one of the male characters and one of the female characters to make things flow better in novel form.

The problem we've (my boyfriend and I) have been having is trying to remember the order in which we did things in the game and all the adventures we went on. I need to email the GM and ask him some pertinent questions about the founding group and the background behind some of the things. There are some names I've forgotten and I'm sure some important details too. I had a laptop crash in the middle of my second nano and lost everything I had on the computer, including the notes from that game.

Even though it was not the story I was planning on writing this year, I'm really looking forward to it. I loved playing this game more than any other, so reliving it will be a blast.

So, if anyone else is willing to join me here and talk about nano writing in Maine - I'd love to hang out with you and hear what your plans are.

Later days,

I'm all alone...

Guess I'm here talking to myself.

I was hoping other Maine nanoers would find this group and join, guess they are all using their own blogs or the blog connected to the NaNo Maine website.

Only 14 days left and I'm starting to tweak out. I'm more prepared than I was last year, but I'm still nervous.

I think I can get 50K out of this story, but I'm not sure. I'm kinda glad I have to write it in novel form as there's no way I could mae the 50K mark if I was writing it as a manuscript. I know I'll have to rework it in Dec. before I hand it to the editor, but it will give me more insight into the flow of the story and how it should be drawn as comic books.

The biggest problem is that the artist wants to start drawing in the beginning of Dec. He doesn't quite understand that there's a lot of work that will need to be done to the story - such as editing. We do already know what the first few drawings will be, so he can work on those I guess, but he thinks it's going to be ready to go as of Dec. 1. He doesn't write and has never done nano, so he doesn't understand what a mess it will be at the end of those 30 days.

Also, he's supposed to be making a few doodles of the MC, her brother, the teddy bear and her roommie so I can make an inspirational collage for nano.

Oh well, guess that's my pre-nano venting for now.


Time is ticking...

It seems like only yesterday that the sun was shining bright and it felt like summer would last forever. Now, we only have 22 days left until we are into the yearly nano grind.

I'm Kendra (better known as Ken). This is my third nano (won the last two) and my first year as Municipal Liaison. I'm covering the Portland to Augusta areas.

Now, I'd love to say I've finished my previous two nano-novels, but I haven't. My first one was a young adult supernatural/horror/romance. Vampires, a pookah and a werelion all set at a private high school in Maine (I went to Thornton Academy and always thought it would be a great place to set a horror novel.) My second nano-novel was a sequel to the first. One of the vampires, the pookah, the werelion, and a dhampir.

This year I'm writing a dark Goth (not gothic) supernatural novel that will eventually be edited and drawn into a Graphic Novel. It's a project I'm collaborating on with two other people. I figured the easiest way to get it all done was to do it during nano. Otherwise I'd procrastinate and want to work on my other two novels. Nano will make me focus on that one project. I have most of the characters developed, the chapters mapped out and the visuals planted in my mind. The only thing else I really want to do before nano starts is make a collage so I have something visual to keep me on track. I've been clipping from magazines and will be printing out pics from the web. The artist involved in the project is going to make me a few sketches of the main characters to add to the collage.

Oh, I also need to collect all sorts of nano munchies. Cheap post Halloween candy is always a good treat. Last year a lot of people I knew put on weight during nano, but I lost ten pounds. I'm going to try to keep my weight even this year. I also plan on taking exercise breaks whenever needed. I should also get myself some healthy food to go along with all the junky food, bagels w/ strawberry cream cheese, cherry Kool Aid, coffee, cappuccino and cigarettes.

So, post away. Bitch, complain, lament, cheer, celebrate, procrastinate and most of all encourage each other. And don't forget to go to get togethers and meet everybody who is crazy enough to attempt nano in your area.



We are Mainers and friends of Maine who participate in National Novel Writing Month. Our goal: to write 50,000 words between November 1st and 30th. Fill up your coffee mug, put on your L.L. Bean gear, and join the insanity!

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