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For those who'd like to keep writing...

Hey all! Congrats to all who won NaNo this year! It's fantastic- you're all more motivated writers than I think I'll ever be.

If you're interested in continuing to write, I'd like to extend you all an invitation to the brigits_flame writing community. Here's some things you can look forward to in our community:

1. The monthly writing contest: Every month, the community holds a writing competition. Each week, everyone who competes is given a topic. By the end of the week, they're asked to write their best piece of writing on that topic, whether it's fiction, poetry, a memoir, or any other format you'd like. Everyone votes on the best pieces, and the top 50% of the writers go on to week 2. So if 100 people sign up, 50 move on to week 2, 25 move on to week 3, 13 move on to week 4, and only one wins the month. The winner has their name recorded on the profile and on the sidebar of the community.

2. Editing: Whether you're competing or not, if you write an entry, you're able to sign up for editing from our team of volunteer editors. You can specify how tough you'd like your editing to be and whether you want that editing to include grammar and spelling. We're also always happy to have new volunteers for editing- even if you only want to take one edit a week.

3. The Daily Chatter Post: Every day, we have a post that opens the floor for discussion, reflection, or some other topic. Members converse, share, and get to know each other.

4. The monthly mini contest: Every month, one member shares their special talents to host a mini contest. In the past, the winner can has had their writing translated into music, artwork, an acted-out youtube video, and a variety of other things. It's a great time, and a nice opportunity to compete without a monthly commitment.

Along with these things, we always have a bunch of other things going on. The environment is open and supportive, and the members and moderators are active, caring people. We already have a ton of NaNo people there, and the crowd is really something special.

We're taking signups for the December contest until noon today. If you're interested, click on the icon to put your name in! Because of the various holidays, December will be a three-week contest only, so it should fit in with a busy life!

Hope to see you there! ^_^

Click here to sign up for Brigits_Flame!

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