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Okay, so some of you might be thinking I'm a bit off my rocker if you've seen my word count so far. It's the 4th (I have yet to write anything to add to my wordcount today) and my WC is 19095.

At first I wanted to get a bit ahead so I had some breating room. Then last night I wondered aloud if I could write 50K in a week. Knowing I have to work Monday night (writing my weekly play-by-play and commentary for WWE's RAW) there is no way I could do 50K this week and still makeing it to the nano get together and work.

I know some of you are prolly annoyed with me, but you have to remember I'm disabled and have no life. The biggest thing I have to do is make sure myself and my critters are fed.

So,at this point I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Go for 100K? Sit on my ass for two weeks and not write? (doubt it) Slow down and write at a semi-normal pace? (hope so - don't care to be egged at get togethers). Get to week two and hit 'the wall'? (with my luck, yes)

I don't know what has gotten into me this year, I'm just in the mood to write! NaNovember kicks something over in me that makes me write, but this is a whole new level. I don't know what to say other than please don't filet me, nothing like this has ever happened before and I'm just kind of riding the wave of WC.

Later days,
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