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Hello *waves* Im Regi... aka ToryWinters on the nano boards. I am really getting excited about Nano starting. Especially, now that I have a "sort of" direction to go in with my story. When I say sort of, I mean I have a character... lol just the one so far... she has no name... no backstory. In fact all I know about her is, she can see all sides of a she can see the good in anything... but also the bad. I am hoping she will be exasperatating to the characters around her (in a humorous way), as opposed to them responding with "im going to kill you and your little dog too" (WOOT! Does the nano dance... she has a dog!) which would mean, she possibly goes from lighthearted secondary character to mc in a murder story.

She hasnt told me her name yet... or why she is in the story... hopefully she divulges that soon so I can meet the other ppl I will be spending November with. Otherwise I will be the one at the write-ins muttering and sobbing over in the darkest corner... twitching the whole while. Having never been to a write-in though... perhaps there are a few like that ( I hope I am not the only one). LOL

Have any of you started out Nano with as little info? Just one hazy glimpse of a character? Last year I had a good idea what i was writing about... had 3 characters, 1 ghost and a fat cat... and I got about 9000 words in and gave up... (shame on me) I still to this day maintain it was Lainies (MC)fault... she was difficult to work with *whistles innocently*.

Anyways... Just wanted to say hi... and I am glad there is a livejournal community for nano maine. Its the platform i use for journaling... and i check it at least once a day *smiles* I am looking forward to getting to know you all a bit better through out this process.

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