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So it's that time of year again! The NaNo site is up and running (well, so far. I'm pleasantly surprised), and people are signing up once again for an adventure in writing.

This community is totally open to any Mainers or friends of Maine who are participating in NaNoWriMo. I'll be posting more later, but for now, good luck!

For those who'd like to keep writing...

Hey all! Congrats to all who won NaNo this year! It's fantastic- you're all more motivated writers than I think I'll ever be.

If you're interested in continuing to write, I'd like to extend you all an invitation to the brigits_flame writing community. Here's some things you can look forward to in our community:

1. The monthly writing contest: Every month, the community holds a writing competition. Each week, everyone who competes is given a topic. By the end of the week, they're asked to write their best piece of writing on that topic, whether it's fiction, poetry, a memoir, or any other format you'd like. Everyone votes on the best pieces, and the top 50% of the writers go on to week 2. So if 100 people sign up, 50 move on to week 2, 25 move on to week 3, 13 move on to week 4, and only one wins the month. The winner has their name recorded on the profile and on the sidebar of the community.

2. Editing: Whether you're competing or not, if you write an entry, you're able to sign up for editing from our team of volunteer editors. You can specify how tough you'd like your editing to be and whether you want that editing to include grammar and spelling. We're also always happy to have new volunteers for editing- even if you only want to take one edit a week.

3. The Daily Chatter Post: Every day, we have a post that opens the floor for discussion, reflection, or some other topic. Members converse, share, and get to know each other.

4. The monthly mini contest: Every month, one member shares their special talents to host a mini contest. In the past, the winner can has had their writing translated into music, artwork, an acted-out youtube video, and a variety of other things. It's a great time, and a nice opportunity to compete without a monthly commitment.

Along with these things, we always have a bunch of other things going on. The environment is open and supportive, and the members and moderators are active, caring people. We already have a ton of NaNo people there, and the crowd is really something special.

We're taking signups for the December contest until noon today. If you're interested, click on the icon to put your name in! Because of the various holidays, December will be a three-week contest only, so it should fit in with a busy life!

Hope to see you there! ^_^

Click here to sign up for Brigits_Flame!

For the past couple of years, I've become more involved with the NaNo forums. It serves mostly as a distraction, but I like to think that my small contributions help others -- they tend to help me in some ways.

So when the site crashes and burns, I get a little bit antsy. I'm trying to assign names to skeleton characters, and figure out some ways my story idea could go. I don't have all of my usual NaNo resources on me because I'm at a friend's place. And there's nobody on-line to talk to.

What are you up to? What are you doing to get ready for November? Have you done your shopping for NaNoWriMo snacks and drinks yet?

NaNo 2008 on the horizon!

Howdy!  Listy here, going for my fifth NaNo and third win this year.  As you can see, I've taken command of our Maine LJ blog, and am giving it a bit of spit and polish!

I'd like to invite all Mainers and friends of Mainers participating in NaNoWriMo this year to join up, share their experiences, and give support to one another.  Anything goes here, I would love to see some excerpts, reviews, reccomendations, and fun stories.  Boast about how much you've written!  Lament about your fear of epic fail!  We want to hear it all!  What else is LJ for?

I'll try to keep this somewhat up to date, but I can't do it alone.  Come and join the fun!



Someone posted this on a forum-- aimed at me when I said something about a novel.:D


Okay, so some of you might be thinking I'm a bit off my rocker if you've seen my word count so far. It's the 4th (I have yet to write anything to add to my wordcount today) and my WC is 19095.

At first I wanted to get a bit ahead so I had some breating room. Then last night I wondered aloud if I could write 50K in a week. Knowing I have to work Monday night (writing my weekly play-by-play and commentary for WWE's RAW) there is no way I could do 50K this week and still makeing it to the nano get together and work.

I know some of you are prolly annoyed with me, but you have to remember I'm disabled and have no life. The biggest thing I have to do is make sure myself and my critters are fed.

So,at this point I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Go for 100K? Sit on my ass for two weeks and not write? (doubt it) Slow down and write at a semi-normal pace? (hope so - don't care to be egged at get togethers). Get to week two and hit 'the wall'? (with my luck, yes)

I don't know what has gotten into me this year, I'm just in the mood to write! NaNovember kicks something over in me that makes me write, but this is a whole new level. I don't know what to say other than please don't filet me, nothing like this has ever happened before and I'm just kind of riding the wave of WC.

Later days,
Hello *waves* Im Regi... aka ToryWinters on the nano boards. I am really getting excited about Nano starting. Especially, now that I have a "sort of" direction to go in with my story. When I say sort of, I mean I have a character... lol just the one so far... she has no name... no backstory. In fact all I know about her is, she can see all sides of a situation..so she can see the good in anything... but also the bad. I am hoping she will be exasperatating to the characters around her (in a humorous way), as opposed to them responding with "im going to kill you and your little dog too" (WOOT! Does the nano dance... she has a dog!) which would mean, she possibly goes from lighthearted secondary character to mc in a murder story.

She hasnt told me her name yet... or why she is in the story... hopefully she divulges that soon so I can meet the other ppl I will be spending November with. Otherwise I will be the one at the write-ins muttering and sobbing over in the darkest corner... twitching the whole while. Having never been to a write-in though... perhaps there are a few like that ( I hope I am not the only one). LOL

Have any of you started out Nano with as little info? Just one hazy glimpse of a character? Last year I had a good idea what i was writing about... had 3 characters, 1 ghost and a fat cat... and I got about 9000 words in and gave up... (shame on me) I still to this day maintain it was Lainies (MC)fault... she was difficult to work with *whistles innocently*.

Anyways... Just wanted to say hi... and I am glad there is a livejournal community for nano maine. Its the platform i use for journaling... and i check it at least once a day *smiles* I am looking forward to getting to know you all a bit better through out this process.

Hello everyone! I'm Andrea and this is my second year at Nano. Last year I tried to take a sliver of an idea and stretch it out into a novel. I made it to 50k- just barely- but the story went nowhere. This year I am trying to outline my story somewhat, just so I am not totally winging it. It's not going well so far, though.

My biggest roadblock is my inner critic and I am doing my best to shut her up.

I want to write something in the horror/suspense genre; a girl returns to the horrible small town where she grew up and somehow winds up back at the orphanage/group home she spent the first part of her life in. Why she is going home in the first place, I don't know. Why she goes back to the orphanage, I don't know. What happens when she does go back, I don't know. What is the point of this story? I don't know.

Anyways, last year my husband Brian and I made it to two write-ins at Panera, I think. This year I am aiming to be there every Sunday. I dont know if Brian will participate this year, but I hope to get to know you all better this time around.

Yay, I'm not alone!

Hey y'all!

Hope no one was looking at the page or submitting while I was playing with colors and styles. Personally it would have been enough to send me loony, but I'm already close to that edge with nano approaching.

I'm glad I'm finally not alone talking to myself. It was getting rather depressing. Not as depressing as living in the boonies, but close.

I'm so pumped up for nano this year. I'm going to try to beat my first year's number {67,000+} this year. I have not come close to it since then. Usually just getting over the 50K mark is how I end the month. This year I have nothing going on and don't have a house full of people. I don't have my folks divorcing in the middle of the month and the only thing I have to deal with is which cat is in my lap. Every once in a while there's a squabble, but then it quiets down again.

So, hopefully this nano I can start things off with a bang and keep going strong from there. I am soooo ready this year. I have not been this prepared since my first nano {2003}. The stage is set, the outline is {almost completely} drawn and I'm ready to go. All I need to do is clean my desk and stock up on munchies!

Later days!

PS - I love spell check on this thing. It's fun because it doesn't like anything I have to say!

Oct. 22nd, 2006

Hellohello. My name is Bethany, and this year my NaNo forum handle is Bettchan. This will be my second year participating in NaNoWriMo.

Although I'm going to college all the way out in Elmira, New York, I've lived in Maine for five years straight and my family's there, so it's home. Last year I made friends with Ken, Lori, Janelle, and the rest of the Maine NaNo Crew, and they haven't been able to keep me away, since. :P

I won last year's NaNo, at 50,300ish words, I think, but it was really crappy, for a few reasons. First of all, it was a rough draft, and rough drafts are supposed to be crappy (or so people keep telling me). Secondly, I took it too seriously and didn't allow myself to have a whole lot of fun with it. Finally, the biggest problem was that I wasn't writing it for me. I was doing it partially for a grade, and didn't dare write anything too controversial, for my teacher's sake. (He never even read it, which was a bummer.)

This year, I hope to have more fun with my new novel. If only I could get over the fact that I know next to nothing about living in cities and various other details. :P

So what's it about, you might ask? Someone goes to Boston to learn about Bohemian life and meets a couple of hookers (a sister and brother) and their unconventional group of friends. That's all I've got so far. I think that's all you want to know.

My best days of writing, last year, happened at Write-Ins, usually at the Westbrook Panera. This year, I'm trying to get a few college buddies into it. There are some folks in the area, off-campus that are also doing it, and I hope to meet up with them, at some point.

I won't be back in Maine until the Thanksgiving Break, and then I might see if I can stop by and say hello before I head back. Good luck to you all!


We are Mainers and friends of Maine who participate in National Novel Writing Month. Our goal: to write 50,000 words between November 1st and 30th. Fill up your coffee mug, put on your L.L. Bean gear, and join the insanity!

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